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Web Design Trends in Qatar 2022 – Insparrow Web Design company in Qatar

Designing a website for the future

Getting old sucks. But you know what sucks more than getting old? Looking old!

Websites are no different.

Every website has a life span. No matter how good the design is, a web design will eventually become outdated. Your website is more than just a place to put your content, it is a marketing tool that helps you build your business.

The websites you design should be built the way your users want to interact with your company. And this means you need your web designers to think, act and produce new designs that keep pace with the times.

This is why as one of the best web design companies in Qatar,  we strive to get you a robust, scalable, and beautiful website that can be easily updated with new features and functionalities as trends change.

So with this, let’s dive into some of the hottest web design trends you can expect to see in 2022.

website design trends 2022

Dynamic content

Dynamic content is content that changes based on client interaction, user environment, or other factors. It allows websites to be more user-friendly. It can be anything from a single image to a completely different page. It is a form of content where the data that is being displayed changes in real-time. The data being displayed is from the database or some other location. By changing the dynamics of the design, you can add more life to your website, a sense of freshness, an element of fun.

Dynamic content web design company in Doha, Qatar

Dynamic content web design company in Doha, Qatar

Voice-activated Interface

The design is not only about looks, it is about the function of the website. A design must be functional as well as beautiful. And with the growing trend of voice assistants in the past few years, users should be able to find the information verbally and easily navigate the site. As a user, you should be able to speak to the website and tell it what you want to see. Website of the future indeed!

Voice-activated Interface UI Banner
Voice-activated Interface Doha, Qatar

Micro animations

Micro animations have been around for a while, but they have recently become a topic of discussion. The purpose of micro animations is to enhance the user experience. They can be used to create eye-catching and appealing designs. They are small animations that run on a website and prompt a user to take action.

micro animation icon

Frosted Glass Interface

A grid is an excellent design element to use on your website since they bring structure and allow you to systematize information. For the past few years, flip grids and blocks were a hot trend but now we are going a step further. With the frosted glass effect on inactive grids or blocks, the whole web design looks sleek and stimulates the human desire to open the grid and see what’s there.

Frosted Glass Interface ui sample
Frosted glass ui design agency Doha, Qatar

Toggle between dark and light mode

The dark mode is the future of web design and it is here to stay. It reduces eye strain and creates an ultra-modern look for the website. Most websites these days are switching to dark mode. Even Google has introduced dark mode for its own homepage. This trend is expected to be a must feature by almost all website designers in the coming years.

Data Visualization

Visual content is more appealing to most humans than words and numbers. And while most of us care about statistical information, we often underestimate the power of visualizing it. Having data on your website is great, but being able to visualize it is what will make you stand out. Visualization of the data makes the information more efficient. It can be used to guide your audience to make better decisions at their buying stage. You may even change the way people read and understand data which is invaluable to a company.

Data Visualization website design in Qatar

The concept of infinite scrolling or lazy loading is not a brand new trend. The top social networks have been using this approach for years, especially when it comes to infinity scrolls. The approach could also help improve the user experience for long (one) page websites. The majority of website visitors rarely reach the bottom of a page. Why load unnecessary content and slow down the site? It would be a better approach to load the content as the user scrolls down the page. You may use story visualization to build your website such that as visitors scroll down, they are treated to delightful small visual pleasures, such as tastefully typeset columns, amusing inset pictures, soft animations, and more.

Gradients And Colour Highlights

From subtle color overlays to high-impact backgrounds, the trend of gradients is evolving over time. Gradients can be used to add an illusion of depth, strike a spectacular background or add a subtle texture to an illustration. We are increasingly seeing them used in big and bold typography. There is no denying this trend’s not going away anywhere soon.

Fun And Optimism

Combining scrolling effects with interactive elements evokes a sense of fun and originality.

Mindful Web Design

Modern Web Design Trends For 2022 will focus on the aesthetics of the website as well as its functionality of the website.

Web design is a rapidly changing field, and web designers must keep up with new platforms. Websites are more interactive than ever before, so it is important that websites are updated regularly to keep up with the times. We will see websites that are more mobile-friendly, more user-friendly, and more adaptive to the modern web. 

The evolution of website design is driven by user-demanded features. If a function on a website is not performing to users’ expectations, it needs to be removed. To keep up with the evolving technology and the user-demanded features, web designers must keep up with the latest trends. There is no end to the possibilities, as new technology keeps evolving.

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